The Orange BeldTrademark Brand was established in the spring of 2010 by Steve Sevag and Alainah Paul.  The couple had recently moved to the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles to further pursue their dream of starting a high end lifestyle fashion brand.  A company that began with its vision of producing high end designer t-shirts, took on a life of its own when the idea of producing Matching Mismatched Socks came about.

The concept of “Matching Mismatched Socks” was born organically, and accidentally one morning as the couple embarked on an early morning Pilate’s class in DTLA.  Steve, always one to notice every detail of his surroundings, was intrigued to discover that Alainah was not wearing matching socks, and decided to ask her about her careless fashion faux pas .  Her answer was simple.  That morning while she was able to find two of the same sock in different colors, she didn’t feel the need to aimlessly search for either socks correct match.  So, she deemed that since they were technically the same sock that was match enough.  (Plus she was in a hurry…)

A Light bulb went off in Steve’s head as he quickly realized that this ridiculous explanation was actually a brilliant concept.  Mismatched socks, that match!  Steve, knowing what limited fashion accessories a man has to choose from, acknowledged that socks are a huge part of any stylish mans wardrobe and if they could create a line of uniquely designed mismatched socks, that actually did match, they would really be on to something…And that’s how it all began…

productsAbout The Products

The primary focus of the Orange BeldTrademark Brand has always been to provide the customer with visually captivating products, while never letting the quality falter.  After over three years of research in more then four different continents, the Orange BeldTrademark design team was able to establish a top notch network of manufacturers, fiber suppliers, and embroiders, capable of producing the quality of socks that the company could proudly offer their customers.

Today, the Orange BeldTrademark men’s and women’s sock line is manufactured in India in the same factory that produces high end designer socks for many other reputable lifestyle brands such as Ted Baker, and Buffalo Socks, just to name a few.

Orange BeldTrademark socks are made from a high quality soft Combed Cotton, ensuring both comfort and durability.  The quality of our fibers and the proper Cotton to Nylon ratio ensure that our products will not stretch or shrink drastically after wear/wash.

The brands recognizable trademarks are consistently found on all of our men’s and women’s mismatched socks.  The Orange BeldTrademark name is knit right into the toe of all of our socks.  Our brand is also recognizable by the orange stripe located at the top of each sock, along with our black embroidered “buckle”.  This attention to detail ensures that whether your socks are covered up by pants one day, or rain boots the next, the world will still notice that you are wearing bold, quality designer socks underneath it all.