1. Dress Socks Basics: Material, Color & Length

    Let your personality shine!

    Dressing well on a daily basis can get overwhelming if you aren’t sure how to let your personality shine through. An easy way to show everyone what kind of personality you have is with bold designer socks. In our previous post, we shared with you why socks matter and what makes a great dress sock. Today we will be going through why the color, length and material matters when choosing a great designer sock.

    Sock color matters.

    You may not think that the color of socks you wear matter, but in all reality, they do! Socks don’t have to match your trousers exactly, but they should go with the outfit all together. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear mismatched socks! Mismatched socks are a great way to show your personality, while at the same time staying professional in dress clothes. Black used to be everyone’s go-to dress sock, but now men are getting more and more savvy with their range of dress styles, and wearing mismatched socks are just one way to do this.

    Sock length matters.

    Many men are aware that when they wear trousers, their socks should be longer than ankle length. Knee high socks are comfortable and even relaxing. Knee high socks are also referred to as hose or hosiery. This name was developed years ago when people thought exposed skin, even on men, was scandalous and unsightly. A great business and dress sock should go halfway up the calf, if not all the way, to just under the knee. Not only does this provide comfort, but you won’t have to worry about your skin showing when you sit down.

    Sock material matters.

    There are so many different materials that socks are made out of. Depending on which brand you go with, you could be wearing a variety of different materials, including synthetics, polyester, nylon, cotton and wool. There are many different reasons why you should go with certain materials over others, but there is no “ideal” sock material. Some people may like wool over cotton, but many companies offer materials that are a blended material that is actually trademarked. Here’s what you should know about each material.

    • Cotton absorbs sweat off the skin, but it is not a material that wicks the sweat away. This means that you sock will be wet, which could cause your feet to be wet as well. The wetness will not evaporate quickly.
    • Synthetics are the answer for most companies and manufacturers. Fibers that a generally used encourage wicking, but won’t be as great as wool.
    • Wool can breathe easy and provide great wicking to help get moisture away from the body quickly. Wool can help regulate your body temperature in both hot and cold environments.

    In the end, play around with different socks and find which sock material your feet like the best, because everyone will be different.

  2. What Makes A Great Dress Sock?

    Socks matter!

    If you are someone who has to dress up for work on  a daily basis, you have probably had it with trying so many different socks that didn’t end up working out. Orange Beld understands that you want to wear bold socks without having to worry about a thing. Your worrying could include feet odor after along day and obsessive sweating that leaves you uncomfortable that eventually ruins your nice dress shoes.

    So, what makes a great dress sock?

    To find a great dress sock, you should make sure that the socks you choose have four features; wicking, padding, and a snug and slim fit.

    Sock wicking is something that every sock should have, and if it doesn’t have it, don’t buy it! Wicking will “wick” the moisture away from the foot to the sock’s exterior surface. If you don’t have a sock that wicks away sweat, you could be left with blisters, smelly feet and, in the long run, ruined shoes.

    Sock padding is important because it’ll help you stay comfortable all day long, especially if you walk to and from meetings all day. The bold sock that you choose should cushion your foot when it comes in contact with the hard ground. This barrier of padding also helps to protect the skin on your foot from rubbing against the inside of your shoes, preventing painful blisters.

    Snug sock fit is ultra important. Have you ever had the experience of wearing socks that loosen and then bunch up while you walk around all day? Not only is it annoying, but it is also uncomfortable. A sock that does this can cause blisters where the sock bunches up. A great designer sock should always fit snuggly from toe to top.

    Slim sock fit is important if you wear dress shoes. Dress shoes are slim and tend to fit snuggly, which means you need a sock that does the same. A slim sock fit is important because not only will it permit comfort, but it will help to avoid bulking material around your ankle, which distorts the trouser cuff on your pants.

    Sock color has always been important, but it hasn’t been looked at as something that makes a great dress sock until recently. In the past, many men would only wear black, brown, or blue socks. Only recently have they started to branch out by wearing mismatched socks and socks with great design and color. Although socks should still be appropriate for work, you should always throw a little bit of your own flare into the socks that you wear daily.

    In the end, shop bold.

    We hope that the above information has been enough for you to realize that you need to upgrade your dress socks with the bold socks from Orange beld. Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be giving you why the color, length and material matters for the socks that you choose to wear. In the mean time, start shopping with us online!

  3. Socks Are Not Just Another Detail

    Like we previous stated, socks are not just another detail. Although socks may be something that you include in your everyday wardrobe, they shouldn’t be looked at as just another detail. The detail socks do have however, matter. The details on the sock are what make the design, not the other way around.

    Socks are not just details that we wear on our feet to keep them warm, wicking away sweat. Details are what the user of the sock may define as their experience wearing designer socks from Orange Beld, but the details don’t define the sock. Instead of thinking of a sock as a detail, think of it as an accessory that pulls your entire outfit together. The details on this accessory matter. Oh so many details!

    Every experience with every sock will be different for everyone, so choose a design that you love! Just as Charles Eames, the master of modern design said, “The details are not just the details. The details make the design.”

    So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your first pair of designer socks online with us today and feel the power of the details on your toes! We have a variety of colors and designs available for purchase. Peruse your favorites today and contact us if you have any questions for us here at Orange Beld.


  4. Show Your Personality- Socks Matter

    If you have been following our previous blog series, then you already know we are all about bold socks. Socks are fabulous, but they don’t just keep your feet warm. Socks matter! No matter what mismatched design or color socks you are wearing, they can give others a chance to seek out your personality. We have already told you that bold socks can help to understand the finer details of one another, show that you are always on top of your game, and that you have a rocking personality. Here are more ways that wearing bold socks really do matter.

    If you are not the type of person to gloat, maybe it is time that you step it up a little bit. Socks are such a casual way of showing off. It gives you a chance to welcome humor into your life, as well as into other’s lives around you. Let’s say you are going to a conference and everybody is in a suit and tie like normal. You all sit down and you’re wearing the same black socks. What would happen if you wore a pair of mismatched bold socks? We are sure that conversation would pick up and everyone would be a little bit jealous of the sneaky style that you just inserted into the conference. Show off your style and welcome in a smile or two because socks are not just another detail.

    Start shopping online now for a pair of bold socks that you can wear to your next work conference. Stay tuned for our next blog and contact us if you have any questions!


  5. Why Socks Matter!

    Wearing socks is a normal thing. You may even forget that you are wearing socks because you are so used to putting them on your cold feet each morning before you head out the door to take on the busy day ahead of you. What most people don’t realize is that socks are important, and they matter even though we may sometimes forget we are wearing them.

    Socks matter! The socks we wear on a daily basis give us a chance to show others what our personality is like. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing mismatched socks or striped knee high socks, the socks that you are wearing matter. Wearing bold socks can help you to learn more about others as well. Looking at the finer details of one another, including yourself can make a difference in learning about another person that you just met. This could be either by the brand of sock they are wearing or simply by the design they choose to wear. Socks don’t just keep your feet warm, they can also show that you are always on top of your game! By wearing mismatched socks, you can give the impression which shows you are on top of your game. Show everyone your personality rocks and that you have a stylish side too!

    For such a standard commodity product, there are so many different possibilities. Shop for your mismatched socks online with Orange Beld today and give others a chance to seek out your personality.

  6. Reasons To Love Knee High Socks

    Shopping for socks can be extremely stressful. If you are well connected with your style and you are looking to make sure that your socks are just as fabulous as the rest of your wardrobe, then mismatched socks from Orange Beld are for you! Unfortunately, with all of the socks that we have available, you’ll have to make some pretty big decisions, like if knee high socks are right for you! So, let’s jump right into why knee high socks are far better than any ankle sock on the planet.

    Knee socks are very simple, and their name explains exactly how high they’ll go, straight up to the knees. History states that knee high socks were first developed by Catholic schools and because they have been part of many classic school girl outfits, they became more popular than ever before. Of course, when you shop online with Orange Beld, you will be able to have fun with your striped knee high socks and mismatch them with one another while sporting your favorite pair of pants, shorts or skirt. Knee high socks are perfect for almost any outfit, especially if you live in a cooler climate. These socks are soft enough to keep your skin feeling comfortable, and they’re made with high quality materials that wick the sweat away from you when you’re feeling a little warm. If we’ve convinced you that knee high socks are the way to go, you better start shopping online for a pair of knee high socks that you’ll absolutely love!

  7. Sock Rules Everyone Must Know Part 2

    Socks are part of our everyday lives, and without them our feet could be susceptible to coldness or worse, blisters and abrasions. Many of us don’t think twice when picking out which socks to wear for the day, but there are many rules you should consider when opening up your sock drawer. We’ve already told you that you should never wear socks with holes or stains, and that your socks should always match your wardrobe. Here are the final sock rules that you never be breaking.

    1. Wearing knee high socks will benefit you further, especially if you’re trying to impress. Although it can be hard to find designer socks, or striped knee high socks that you love for that matter, knee high socks are a better bet. History of opinions say that men should never expose their bare legs intentionally, which means that wearing a knee length sock or at least a middle ankle-dress sock is your best bet.
    2. Don’t wear a sock that doesn’t match the rest of your ensemble or dress level. If you’re wearing shorts and tennis shoes, a knee high sock probably wouldn’t be anyone else’s first pick, try a sporty ankle sock! However, if you’re wearing a suit and tie, a knee high sock would be best.

    We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning the most common sock rules that everyone must know! If after reading these rules you realize that you must buy some more socks, feel free to visit us online now and find some that would be perfect for your wardrobe! Contact us online now with any questions.

  8. Sock Rules Everyone Must Know

    Finding the perfect pair of socks for every outfit can be a hard thing to do. You will always be thinking of colors and designs that you should be wearing, but finding them can be even more difficult. Along with finding the perfect designer sock to accompany your everyday wardrobe, you need to make sure that the pair of socks that you find will be ones that you’ll love to wear on a daily basis.

    But why socks? Sock are an essential part of our everyday wardrobe, and without them we may end up with abrasions and cold feet! Socks have a way of keeping our toes warm when we need it most and wicks sweat away from our bodies, so that we don’t have to suffer from any painful blisters or abrasions. Even though socks are a part of everyone’s daily life, many of us don’t understand some sock rules that are common.

    1. Having stains or holes in your socks is a no-no. Although many of you readers out there will think that this is an obvious rule, some do not. Depending on if you’re someone who takes off your shoes immediately when entering a home, you could be exposing yourself to cold feet and judgement with faulty socks.
    2. Your socks should go with your wardrobe. This is another obvious rule. Nobody enjoys viewing someone wearing white socks at a black tie event! Designer socks are the way to go, and enjoying some with fun patterns is even better.

    Don’t go anywhere yet! Stay tuned for our next blog where we will give you the final rules that everyone who wears socks must know.


  9. Boost Your Confidence With Every Stride

    Socks are becoming a much bigger deal than some may have interpreted. With white socks being out of style and mismatched socks taking over, it seems that everywhere we look there are bold socks. Because of this, it comes to no surprise that many men are catching on to the fashion statement that socks can provide for them. Even former President H.W. Bush was seen in some great bold socks recently.

    From what we’ve heard, many men feel as though they can’t really show off the fun and vibrant side of their personality when they are stuck in their business suits on a daily basis. Because of this, many men have started taking it upon themselves to find the best designer socks possible to pair with their suits. In other words, men feel as though it can show off their personality, let people know that do have pep in their step, even though stay professional on a daily basis. Wearing color and designer socks with a daily outfit can give men out there an extra boost of confidence with every stride they take.

    Are you ready to buy some designer socks to pair up with your favorite suit? At Orange Beld we invite you to take it upon yourself to search for your favorite mismatched socks and wear something that will make your personality shine bright! Contact us online if you have any questions or concerns about our amazing, high quality socks.


  10. 4 Reasons You Should Never Wear White Socks

    White socks are out! When was the last time that you saw someone wearing a pair of plain, old white socks? White socks are definitely something of the past, and if they aren’t, here are four reasons why men specifically shouldn’t be caught wearing white socks any longer.

    1. When was the last time white socks ever matched anything? Wearing white socks with casual pants is a no-no. Instead, wear bold socks that can tell a story, show some personality, and feel great!
    2. The dirt shines through. Though white socks may be your go-to socks to mow the lawn in, when you wear white socks, you can notice all of the dirt and grime that never washes away. Wearing darker socks will allow you to take off yours shoes at a guests house and not feel self conscious about the dark spots on your heels and toes.
    3. White sock are considered for working out only. White socks do tend to go great with any pair of athletic shorts, track pants and tennis shoes, but overall- keep white socks for the gym and never your daily wardrobe.
    4. White socks don’t have any flare! Don’t you want to show how fun you are by letting your creative, fun and charismatic personality shine through? Don’t be the one to wear white socks only because that’s all your drawers are stocked with. Add some personality to your wardrobe by enhancing your sock drawer.

    With mismatched socks that are bold fro Orange Beld you can get away from the boring and old white socks that people cringe over. Start shopping for your pairs online now!