Finding the perfect pair of socks for every outfit can be a hard thing to do. You will always be thinking of colors and designs that you should be wearing, but finding them can be even more difficult. Along with finding the perfect designer sock to accompany your everyday wardrobe, you need to make sure that the pair of socks that you find will be ones that you’ll love to wear on a daily basis.

But why socks? Sock are an essential part of our everyday wardrobe, and without them we may end up with abrasions and cold feet! Socks have a way of keeping our toes warm when we need it most and wicks sweat away from our bodies, so that we don’t have to suffer from any painful blisters or abrasions. Even though socks are a part of everyone’s daily life, many of us don’t understand some sock rules that are common.

  1. Having stains or holes in your socks is a no-no. Although many of you readers out there will think that this is an obvious rule, some do not. Depending on if you’re someone who takes off your shoes immediately when entering a home, you could be exposing yourself to cold feet and judgement with faulty socks.
  2. Your socks should go with your wardrobe. This is another obvious rule. Nobody enjoys viewing someone wearing white socks at a black tie event! Designer socks are the way to go, and enjoying some with fun patterns is even better.

Don’t go anywhere yet! Stay tuned for our next blog where we will give you the final rules that everyone who wears socks must know.