Like we previous stated, socks are not just another detail. Although socks may be something that you include in your everyday wardrobe, they shouldn’t be looked at as just another detail. The detail socks do have however, matter. The details on the sock are what make the design, not the other way around.

Socks are not just details that we wear on our feet to keep them warm, wicking away sweat. Details are what the user of the sock may define as their experience wearing designer socks from Orange Beld, but the details don’t define the sock. Instead of thinking of a sock as a detail, think of it as an accessory that pulls your entire outfit together. The details on this accessory matter. Oh so many details!

Every experience with every sock will be different for everyone, so choose a design that you love! Just as Charles Eames, the master of modern design said, “The details are not just the details. The details make the design.”

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your first pair of designer socks online with us today and feel the power of the details on your toes! We have a variety of colors and designs available for purchase. Peruse your favorites today and contact us if you have any questions for us here at Orange Beld.