For many men dressing in business casual attire, a basic rule of thumb that is commonly known is that the color of your socks should match the color of your trousers.

At Orange Beld, we consider this rule to be a boring one, and like to advise our customers to go against the grain. Blacks socks with black trousers, blue socks with blue jeans, etc. How boring!

Sure, for those who always dress strictly for business settings, it’s appropriate. But what if you want to be a more adventurous dresser? The repetitive matching could get dull after a while. So it’s time to mix things up.
Having contrast in your outfits doesn’t have to look messy. Here are some tips for wearing colorful socks with your business attire and making it work:

  • A classic sock pattern isn’t too radically colored, and is usually one to three different colors at most. Argyle is a good example of a classic sock pattern that still steps outside the box. It has been a classic style for men for quite some time, and you can get grey and black combinations or work with more vivid patterns of the trademark diamonds and lines with oranges and greens. Solid colors with other patterns such as simple stripes or paisleys are also a good choice.
  • You don’t always have to match the trousers! If you’re going to make this choice, however, take care in your choices and you’ll look fantastic. “Bright” socks can mean bold, solid colors, patterns, or even socks with cartoon characters and other designs. While we encourage dressing with imagination, take care when it comes to what you wear to certain situations, such as a serious business meeting or an occasion like a funeral, where your attire is more about respect and less about individuality and expression.
  • You can make a bold statement by wearing red or lavender socks with custom-tailored suits and handmade Italian shoes. It doesn’t always have to be so serious, and doing this can show your confidence in your style.
  • If you’re not in a suit-and-tie situation, you basically have free reign to wear whatever socks you want in any situation. Do what you want! But it should be done right. Liven up a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit with a bold color or pattern of socks that is a contrast, but still completes the outfit.
  • Wear a colored sock that complements another color in the outfit for maximum color coordination. Match your sock to your tie, your jacket or even your pocket square.
  • As long as you put in some thought on how you are going to accessorize with brightly colored socks, there’s no wrong way to do it!