These days, it can be difficult to truly be unique. Everybody seems to be looking for a way to make their sense of fashion and style stand out from others’. However, Orange Beld has recently taken the fashion world by storm by offering stylish and intentionally mismatched pairs of socks. These socks, while mismatching, complement each other in a way that achieves a truly unique style that will be sure to catch eyes.

Orange Beld, a clothing brand established in 2010, specializes in socks and fashion accessories. These innovative new mismatched socks are not only visually captivating, but are also comfortable. Made of 78% combed cotton, 20% nylon, and 2% elastane for maximum elasticity and comfort, these socks are great for making a fashion statement without sacrificing comfort in the process. Plus, all of these socks are made with strong attention to detail. Specifically, each sock is carefully embroidered with Orange Beld’s signature buckle logo. Finally, every individual sock is finished with a hand-linked toe and heel.

Orange Beld mismatched socks are currently available for both men and women alike and in a variety of styles and colors. It’s possible to find a pair of mismatched socks that meets just about anybody’s unique taste in fashion.

Popular patterns for women include argyle, stripes, blocks, and polka dots of varying colors. Similar styles can be found in men’s mismatched socks, with the additional of floral and even British flag prints. All socks are designed in the United States and come with free shipping.

Each set of socks comes with three individual socks, which allows individuals to come up with their own unique mismatched sock combinations. Furthermore, most styles come in a variety of colors to suit one’s needs.

Those looking to stand out in a crowd can shop for Orange Beld mismatched socks at their official website. By ditching traditional and basic white or black socks, customers can feel more confident in their everyday fashion choices and truly take ownership over the way they dress on a daily basis.

About Orange Beld:
The Orange Beld Brand was established in the spring of 2010 by Steve Sevag and Alainah Paul. Beginning as a company producing high end designer t-shirts, the vision took on a life of its own when the idea of producing Matching Mismatched Socks came about and formed into an accidental, but brilliant concept.

Why limit your fashion accessories more than you should? Orange Beld has created a line of uniquely designed mismatched socks. We aim to provide visually captivating, high quality products for men and women. The quality of our fibers and the proper Cotton to Nylon ratio ensure that our products will not stretch or shrink drastically after wear/wash and provide optimum comfort and durability.

This attention to detail ensures that whether your socks are covered up by pants one day, or rain boots the next. Either way, the world will still notice that you are wearing quality designer socks underneath it all. Visit us today at www.orangebeld.com to check out our products.