Shopping for socks can be extremely stressful. If you are well connected with your style and you are looking to make sure that your socks are just as fabulous as the rest of your wardrobe, then mismatched socks from Orange Beld are for you! Unfortunately, with all of the socks that we have available, you’ll have to make some pretty big decisions, like if knee high socks are right for you! So, let’s jump right into why knee high socks are far better than any ankle sock on the planet.

Knee socks are very simple, and their name explains exactly how high they’ll go, straight up to the knees. History states that knee high socks were first developed by Catholic schools and because they have been part of many classic school girl outfits, they became more popular than ever before. Of course, when you shop online with Orange Beld, you will be able to have fun with your striped knee high socks and mismatch them with one another while sporting your favorite pair of pants, shorts or skirt. Knee high socks are perfect for almost any outfit, especially if you live in a cooler climate. These socks are soft enough to keep your skin feeling comfortable, and they’re made with high quality materials that wick the sweat away from you when you’re feeling a little warm. If we’ve convinced you that knee high socks are the way to go, you better start shopping online for a pair of knee high socks that you’ll absolutely love!