Socks are part of our everyday lives, and without them our feet could be susceptible to coldness or worse, blisters and abrasions. Many of us don’t think twice when picking out which socks to wear for the day, but there are many rules you should consider when opening up your sock drawer. We’ve already told you that you should never wear socks with holes or stains, and that your socks should always match your wardrobe. Here are the final sock rules that you never be breaking.

  1. Wearing knee high socks will benefit you further, especially if you’re trying to impress. Although it can be hard to find designer socks, or striped knee high socks that you love for that matter, knee high socks are a better bet. History of opinions say that men should never expose their bare legs intentionally, which means that wearing a knee length sock or at least a middle ankle-dress sock is your best bet.
  2. Don’t wear a sock that doesn’t match the rest of your ensemble or dress level. If you’re wearing shorts and tennis shoes, a knee high sock probably wouldn’t be anyone else’s first pick, try a sporty ankle sock! However, if you’re wearing a suit and tie, a knee high sock would be best.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning the most common sock rules that everyone must know! If after reading these rules you realize that you must buy some more socks, feel free to visit us online now and find some that would be perfect for your wardrobe! Contact us online now with any questions.