The working world has begun to embrace creativity in forms of colorful socks. Orange Beld took it to the next level. Mismatch matching socks are the new sock of wall street. Bright, bold, striped, and never boring.


5 Reasons why:


Reason #5: When you are brave enough to wear brightly colored and designed socks, you can easily build a reputation as the employee or boss that isn’t afraid to think outside the box and take chances. #riskmanagement

Reason #4:
It’ll also help get you noticed as someone who is quite creative. #marketvalue

Reason #3:
They make a great icebreaker when it comes to connecting with coworkers or new clients. #openinterest

Reason #2:
Unlike ties, pocket squares, or even some dress shirts, brightly colored and creative socks can be hidden when necessary #balanceinvestmentstrategy

Reason #1:
Time is money. Never waste time in matching socks.  #ROI


So pay attention Wall Street – colorful socks can show a position of power in the office; the louder the socks, the bigger the wallet.


Same goes for techies at companies like Apple Inc. Just because you’re successful and run a business doesn’t mean you have to have boring socks!


At Orange Beld, we strongly encourage wearing bright socks and expressing yourself through your sock wear. We don’t want to get anyone in trouble, so please, make sure to check with your boss before taking a daring step into the world of bold socks!