1. What Do Horizontal Stripes Say About Your Personality?

    If you’ve been following our fun and informative previous blog posts, then you already know that our last blog topic was what verticle stripes say about your personality. We covered that vertical stripes are usually worn by formal suit wearers and other business folks alike. Today however, we are going to be turning the tables a bit and giving you more information on what your personality may be like if you prefer the socks with a horizontal stripe.

    Horizontal stripes can say a lot about someone’s personality, including feeling that you have strong self-worth. Research that has been completed also shows that people who lean towards horizontal stripes tend to believe in themselves much more than those who wear other designs. If you’re looking for a more slimming effect as well, horizontal stripes are the way to go! They have shown to help many people feel much better about their size by flattering imperfections. If you are going for a clean and simple look that isn’t too crazy, horizontal striped knee high socks are definitely an option for you!

    What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start shopping our incredible selection of bold socks online with us today, and find mismatched socks that will go great with any of your daily outfits! Contact us online today if you have any questions about our design process. Feel free to check out our product information page too, so you can learn more about the high quality fabrics that we use.

  2. What Do Vertical Stripes Say About Your Personality?

    Believe it or not, socks can say a lot about your personality. Okay, maybe not the socks in their entirety, but the design that you choose to wear on these mismatched socks can say a lot more than you think! At Orange Beld, we have many striped knee high socks, including both horizontal stripe and vertical stripe choices. We wanted to give you a little more information about vertical stripes may say about your personality!

    It is no surprised that many business and formal suit wearers sport vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are a preference that many go-getters choose. Maybe it’s because bold socks are in style, and they’re much more playful, or maybe it is that they are available in bright colors that many people love. Either way, the vertical lines that our striped knee high socks provide are unlike any others.

    Does our definition of vertical socks match your personality? We invite you to start shopping with us online today to find the striped knee high socks that will make your personality shine through even more! Choose between many great color patterns and mismatch your favorite ones to pair them for the perfect ‘match’. Contact us online today if you have any questions or concerns. We also invite you to read more about how our socks are made, and why we chose to provide only packs of threes when it comes to our mismatched sock designs.


  3. Embrace Your Socks & Step Up Your Game

    If you’ve been keeping up with our fun and informative blog posts, then you already know that our previous blog gave you tips on how you can step up your sock game this year. To recap, we suggested that you choose the length of sock you would like to rock, mid calf or over the calf are great options. Be sure that you pick a contrasting color to be bold and even think about a mismatched sock pattern to make yourself really stand out from the crowd. More tips that you should keep in mind about stepping up your sock game include the following:

    1. Be sure you have fun with it! Your socks should say something about your personality, if you’re someone who is used to wearing plain black or white socks with your jeans, suits or other clothing, maybe it’s time that you make the switch to mismatched socks! Be bold with Orange Beld, and show off the unique and creative personality that you have.
    2. Pick a sock that will make people talk about you. Socks are a great way to get your name out there and get people to notice you. If you’re wearing fashionable socks that are fun and flirty, it is more likely that your friends will take notice, and your socks could end up sparking conversations with others as well.

    We hope that are tips have helped you to step out of your comfort zone! We invite you to start your journey in wearing amazing socks with Orange Beld, and step up your sock game! Shop for your mismatched socks online today, and wear a different pair every day!

  4. Step Up Your Sock Game With These Tips

    Do you know what makes a great sock? Unfortunately, most people don’t, which leads us to the topic of today’s blog on how you can step your sock game up with well-made, high quality designer socks from Orange Beld. Choosing socks can be difficult, especially if you are trying to stay as stylish and trendy as possible, while keeping your feet toasty in the winter and cooler in the summer. Here are some tips to help you step up your sock game this upcoming year.

    1. First you must choose the style of sock you are looking to rock! Over the calf socks are a more stylish option, though mid-calf socks are right behind them. Choose which length will work best for you and your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little!
    2. Next up is your contrast color. If you’re looking to be bold, mismatched socks from Orange Beld are for you! You can match the shirt you’re wearing, or you can be out of the box and have fun with your new bold designer socks! You will be blown away by the different striped knee high socks available. Coming in packs of three, our mismatched socks will go perfectly with any great dress suit, jean shorts or any other outfit you have planned.
    3. Pick your poison. Do you wish to wear a patterned sock like striped knee high socks, or are you looking to go with a more solid color? Choose one that brings out your personality, and don’t be scared to change it up a bit!

    Don’t go anywhere yet, continue reading more tips on how you can step up your sock game this year by reading the next blog!

  5. Designer Socks

    Orange Beld welcomes you to indulge in high quality designer socks that will leave your peers guessing what you will wear next. We understand that everyone has their own style, trends and personality. Keeping our customers in mind, we started from the ground up, and we built a company that is all about bold socks that can and will make a statement.


    No matter what industry your career is in, our mismatched socks are for you. From businessmen and women to baristas and sales clerks all around the world, our high-end mismatched socks can be seen being worn everywhere you look. These well established fashion accessories don’t only make everyone who wears them feel powerful, but they make them feel stylish in their own way too. Match your mismatched socks by color and/or pattern, and feel empowered by doing so.
    When you shop with Orange Beld, you will be astonished by how many wonderful options we have given you. We created a whirlwind of visually captivating products, so that you can be yourself and show the world your true colors. All of our mismatched socks are made with care and high quality materials. Mismatch your socks with one another and make a stand to only wear your incredible striped knee high socks with any outfit you desire. Start shopping now, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our bold, designer mismatched socks.

  6. Men’s Mismatched Socks

    Are you searching for designer socks that can be mismatched, while staying stylish and trendy? At Orange Beld, you will find just that. We are your #1 online store to find bold socks that can speak for you and make a statement.

    No matter what industry you work in, our top of the line designer socks are styled for everyone and everyday wear. Do you wear a suit and tie to your career? If so, stop wearing your suits with normal and boring everyday black, blue or brown socks. Instead, give our striped knee high socks a try, so that the next time someone peeks down at your socks, they will be impressed! Others who see your Orange Beld socks will know that you have a fun personality, great style, and love to mismatch, not to mention the fact that they will want some of their own!

    Not only do we provide all of our male customers with a more creative option when it comes to socks, but all of our incredible products were originally created to provide our customers with a visually captivating sock that is high quality. We created an abundance of socks that you and many others will appreciate, no matter where you are in the world. Shop our incredible new sock designs today and mismatch your favorite styles and colors! What are you waiting for? Be a part of the bold sock movement now!

  7. Women’s Mismatched Socks

    Finding extraordinarily trendy socks can be hard! We understand the struggle of finding bold designer socks, let alone ones that can be mismatched with nearly any outfit. Because of this, here at Orange Beld, we took it into our own hands to create fun, stylish and trendy options for every woman out there. At Orange Beld, you will be able to find all of the colorful striped knee high socks that a girl could dream of. In fact, we have many amazing mismatched socks available in packs of three, so that you can mismatch any pair of socks that you wish!

    We wanted to create a stylish and trendy option for anyone who wanted to let their great personality and sense of style peek through. Accomplishing this by wearing our mismatched socks is what many women love about our company! We give you the great options that you have been searching for. With Orange Beld on your side, you can be as conservative or flashy as you wish!

    When you buy your bold socks from us at Orange Beld, you will be satisfied that you did. Every single sock in our inventory was made to be visually captivating, while keeping our ultra-high quality up to par. We have completed research from all around the world to make sure that you are getting the high quality sock made of the best, strongest and softest materials available. Start shopping for your designer socks below and mismatch your favorite styles to create a lasting look that is completely your own.

  8. 5 Insanely Cool Men’s Fashion Accounts to Follow


    At Orange Beld, our focus is lifestyle, and creating more fashion accessory options for men. We provide our customers with visually captivating products, and embrace styles that can be appreciated around the world.

    Below are some Instagram accounts to check out to see examples of high quality fashion and how styles around the world have become influential and ever-changing.


    @johanneshuebl – Johannes Huebl is always nailing his dapper outfit choice. He is a model of various clothing brands like A|X, Saks 5th Avenue, Cole Haan and fragrance and more, and as a bonus through his instagram; you will get a hint of Mrs. Queen of Style, Olivia Palermo.

    @mrporterlive – At this instagram page you will find the destination for men’s style. Features designer updates, expert advice and stylish fashion recommendations for around the globe.


    @iamgalla – Adam Gallagher is a well-tailored and well-traveled fashion blogger, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper that updates his instagram with posts about fashion, menswear, travel and lifestyle.


    @streetetiquette – Street Etiquette is perfectly curated and never duplicated. Follow Joshua Kissi and his company Street Etiquette on popular men’s lifestyle that have a cultural, historical and urban perspective. Also find him on twitter.

    aguynamespatrick@aguynamepatrick – This instagrammer is the man about town, and the man at Magic Trade Show. Patrick was a blogger from Bon Appetit . Join him on his #DailyCortado.

  9. The New Sock of Wall Street


    The working world has begun to embrace creativity in forms of colorful socks. Orange Beld took it to the next level. Mismatch matching socks are the new sock of wall street. Bright, bold, striped, and never boring.


    5 Reasons why:


    Reason #5: When you are brave enough to wear brightly colored and designed socks, you can easily build a reputation as the employee or boss that isn’t afraid to think outside the box and take chances. #riskmanagement

    Reason #4:
    It’ll also help get you noticed as someone who is quite creative. #marketvalue

    Reason #3:
    They make a great icebreaker when it comes to connecting with coworkers or new clients. #openinterest

    Reason #2:
    Unlike ties, pocket squares, or even some dress shirts, brightly colored and creative socks can be hidden when necessary #balanceinvestmentstrategy

    Reason #1:
    Time is money. Never waste time in matching socks.  #ROI


    So pay attention Wall Street – colorful socks can show a position of power in the office; the louder the socks, the bigger the wallet.


    Same goes for techies at companies like Apple Inc. Just because you’re successful and run a business doesn’t mean you have to have boring socks!


    At Orange Beld, we strongly encourage wearing bright socks and expressing yourself through your sock wear. We don’t want to get anyone in trouble, so please, make sure to check with your boss before taking a daring step into the world of bold socks!

  10. Making Bright, Colorful Socks Your Best Accessory

    For many men dressing in business casual attire, a basic rule of thumb that is commonly known is that the color of your socks should match the color of your trousers.

    At Orange Beld, we consider this rule to be a boring one, and like to advise our customers to go against the grain. Blacks socks with black trousers, blue socks with blue jeans, etc. How boring!

    Sure, for those who always dress strictly for business settings, it’s appropriate. But what if you want to be a more adventurous dresser? The repetitive matching could get dull after a while. So it’s time to mix things up.
    Having contrast in your outfits doesn’t have to look messy. Here are some tips for wearing colorful socks with your business attire and making it work:

  11. A classic sock pattern isn’t too radically colored, and is usually one to three different colors at most. Argyle is a good example of a classic sock pattern that still steps outside the box. It has been a classic style for men for quite some time, and you can get grey and black combinations or work with more vivid patterns of the trademark diamonds and lines with oranges and greens. Solid colors with other patterns such as simple stripes or paisleys are also a good choice.
  12. You don’t always have to match the trousers! If you’re going to make this choice, however, take care in your choices and you’ll look fantastic. “Bright” socks can mean bold, solid colors, patterns, or even socks with cartoon characters and other designs. While we encourage dressing with imagination, take care when it comes to what you wear to certain situations, such as a serious business meeting or an occasion like a funeral, where your attire is more about respect and less about individuality and expression.
  13. You can make a bold statement by wearing red or lavender socks with custom-tailored suits and handmade Italian shoes. It doesn’t always have to be so serious, and doing this can show your confidence in your style.
  14. If you’re not in a suit-and-tie situation, you basically have free reign to wear whatever socks you want in any situation. Do what you want! But it should be done right. Liven up a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit with a bold color or pattern of socks that is a contrast, but still completes the outfit.
  15. Wear a colored sock that complements another color in the outfit for maximum color coordination. Match your sock to your tie, your jacket or even your pocket square.
  16. As long as you put in some thought on how you are going to accessorize with brightly colored socks, there’s no wrong way to do it!