IMG_4798e2 Company founders Steve Sevag and Alainah Paul created the concept of “Matching Mismatched Socks” in the most organic and accidental of ways.  Steve, like most modern men had a passion for colorfully designed socks to add a little character to his outfits.  Alainah, like most, well…people… could never find the matching sock, thus always succumbing to mismatching.   Collectively they agreed upon two things:

1. Your socks do not actually have to match!

2. Even though they do not match, they can still match

The Orange Beld Line of Matching Mismatched Socks features designs that are thoughtfully and artistically designed to cohesively make up a set of three individual different socks.  All three socks can be worn interchangeably, while typically two of the three in the set are more “conservative” of a match and the third is for the risk taking fashionista.